Take our one day training course and learn:

  • How to facilitate a group playing the game.
  • How to plan a meeting or workshop, where you play he game.
  • How to follow up on the game and use it to delegate tasks and plan the whole event.
  • How the game can identify critical tasks and opportunities to create outstanding events.


Trainers will be either Ann Hansen, Bo Krüger or both.


The course is a mixture of short inspiring inputs and practical testing. Expect to be engaged 80% of the time.

The workshop flow looks like this:

  1. Introduction to the Game, why it works and when to use it.
  2. Test the game.
  3. Prepare to facilitate.
  4. Participants facilitate each other and gets feedback.
  5. How to follow up on the game and integrate it in the eventplanning.

When and where

Spring: TBA

Fall: TBA

Both dates in Copenhagen, Denmark – venue: TBA


700€ (excluding VAT)

Bring a colleague and get 15% discount for both.

Prize includes:

  • The Game
  • Food and beverage during the training course.
  • Training material including Power Points to introduce the game and schemes to use for planning and delegating before an after playing the game.
  • An official Certification.

Prize does not include:

  • VAT
  • Accommodation (we can help you finding a nice place to stay)
  • Transport (we can help you with directions)

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