When to play the Meeting Design Game

We asked a lot of Meeting Planners, when it would be useful to use the Meeting Design Game. They said:

  • In the start up of meeting or event
  • Repeatedly during the planning process and afterwards
  • With students as an educational tool
  • With clients and stakeholders – to gain common understanding
  • To get ideas
  • When you are lost with the planning process
  • When you experience unclarity or confusion
  • To help clarify objectives
  • To play with the participants as part of a meeting or event
  • With attendees to design next event
  • When you feel something is missing
  • To get inspired
  • To help codify or challenge normal processes
  • As teambuilding
  • Review
  • What is forgotten ½ through
  • With new employees
  • As a checklist
  • Delegate tasks

The Meeting Design Game – A New Innovative Tool to Plan Meetings

The Meeting Design Game is a new innovative way to improve the planning of meetings and conferences. The Game helps meetingplanners design outstanding meetings that will create value for both meeting owners and participants. The game combines deep knowledge about Meeting Design with gamification, to make it engaging and motivating to use.

Meeting Design is a hot topic in the meeting industry, but the truth is that very few meetingplanners actually know how to apply it into their meetings. ”The Meeting Design Game was originally designed for Meeting Design Training, but we quickly realized that it could also be used as a powerful way to improve the planning of meetings” says Ann Hansen and Bo Krüger, the creators of the game, and two of Europe’s leading meeting designers.

The Meeting Design Game, is a cardgame, consisting of more than 100 cards, which gives meetingplanners advice on elements they can use, if they want to apply meeting design and create outstanding meetings. The rules of the game are really simple and it can be played by everyone. ”The game is perfect to play in a planning team, around a table,, to get a common understanding of how the meeting should be designed.” Says Ann Hansen.

The game is based on an huge amount of knowledge from experience and science collected by Ann Hansen and Bo Krüger for the last 20 years. ”Basically it’s an easy way to level up from being a Meeting Planner to a Meeting designer” Says Ann and Bo.

”People always asked us if they could keep the game afterwards, when we tested the game with various groups of meeting planners. Some participants almost looked like they were ready to sneak it into their bag, just to get a copy. Then you know you have created something valuable.” says Bo Krüger.

”Our goal is to sell at least 1000 copies and make it the golden standard for Meeting Design planning in the world” says Ann and Bo with confidence in their voices.

Become a Certified Meeting Design Game Facilitator

Take our one day training course and learn:

– How to facilitate a group playing the game.
– How to plan a meeting or workshop, where you play he game.
– How to follow up on the game and use it to delegate tasks and plan the whole event.
– How the game can identify critical tasks and opportunities to create outstanding events.


Trainers will be either Ann Hansen, Bo Krüger or both.


The course is a mixture of short inspiring inputs and practical testing. Expect to be engaged 80% of the time.

The workshop flow looks like this:

– Introduction to the Game, why it works and when to use it.
– Test the game.
– Prepare to facilitate.
– Participants facilitate each other and gets feedback.
– How to follow up on the game and integrate it in the eventplanning.

When and where

Spring: 28th of April – from 9.00-17.00

Fall: TBA

Both dates in Copenhagen, Denmark – venue: TBA



700€ (excluding VAT)

Bring a colleague and get 15% discount for both.

Price includes:

– The Game
– Food and beverage during the training course.
– Training material including Power Points to introduce the game and schemes to use for planning and delegating before an after playing the game.
– An official Certification.

Price does not include:

– Accommodation (we can help you finding a nice place to stay)
– Transport (we can help you with directions)